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Alaska is the perfect place for outdoor learning for children and adults. We can all learn about the intricate connections between organisms, including ourselves, and about how history is preserved through human artifacts. We can see the mark that natural forces leave on the land and watch as they exert their power right in front of us. Here are some of the organizations that provide such experiences. Click on the logo for a link to their web sites.


To inspire, promote and support excellence in

science education.


Advocate science literacy for all Alaskans.
Promote the exchange of information about science and science education among researchers, scientists, institutions, public leaders and science teachers.
Recognize indigenous knowledge and diverse ways of knowing about science and the natural world.
Encourage the development of a skilled and knowledgeable work force in science related careers.

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Message from ASTA President

Wow! What an amazing cross-content conference. Thank you to the conference committee and everyone involved for such a transformative professional development experience. Anchorage will have big shoes to fill in 2019!

As we go through the holidays and into the new year there are exciting times ahead for STEM education in Alaska. Commissioner Johnson announced at the conference that DEED will begin a review of state science standards, most probably in January. This will be a busy time for ASTA as we advocate for the science education of ALL Alaskan students and ensure that not only are all student receiving rigorous and performance based science education, but also in a culturally responsive way.  

As educators in and around the classroom, we know what is best for our students and need to make this known at the state level.  Please stay tuned for opportunities to get involved.

I hope everyone is having a good school year. As usual, we are feeling the effects of decisions often made without our input, but I have the utmost confidence that Alaskan educators continue to do what is best for all Alaskan students day in and day out and know we can continue to be a force for positive science education reform.

Please do not hesitate to contact ASTA with questions or concerns.


Ben Walker


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