Alaska Science Teachers Association

2017 Alaska Cross Content Conference:

Math, Science, Literacy, Languages, Technology

 Fairbanks Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1, 2017

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Consider presenting your own knowledge and great ideas, nominating a keynote speaker, asking for travel support from your District, and, most of all, enjoying a crisp fall day in the Interior with other dedicated teachers.


Alaska is the perfect place for outdoor learning for children and adults. We can all learn about the intricate connections between organisms, including ourselves, and about how history is preserved through human artifacts. We can see the mark that natural forces leave on the land and watch as they exert their power right in front of us. Here are some of the organizations that provide such experiences. Click on the logo for a link to their web sites.


To inspire, promote and support excellence in

science education.


Advocate science literacy for all Alaskans.
Promote the exchange of information about science and science education among researchers, scientists, institutions, public leaders and science teachers.
Recognize indigenous knowledge and diverse ways of knowing about science and the natural world.
Encourage the development of a skilled and knowledgeable work force in science related careers.

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Professional Development

Professional development in Alaska

Elementary Engineering

Engineering is Elementary developed by the Museum of Boston

City Technology K-5 Designers of the Future provided by City College of New York

Design it! NPASS2 National Partnerships for Afterschool science

Message from ASTA President

Welcome Back!
The 2017-18 year has many wonderful opportunities on the horizon. Our mission is to be a voice for quality science education in Alaska, empowering teachers and promoting student achievement. Our goal as an organization is to provide educators with a forum to discuss science and pedagogy. We are here to serve our members and to help network with other educators throughout the state. There are many ways for you to help promote our association and continue to bring science into the forefront of the minds of community members and stakeholders.

Some ways to be involved:

Help develop science curriculum for your district
Promote collaboration between the teachers of science and the teachers of other disciplines
Join SOS (Science in our Schools) group
Pursue various PD opportunities in your districts

Thank you and have a wonderful year!

Sincerely, Michelle Daml,
ASTA President

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