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Biennial Conference was a success!

Keynote Speakers--Field Trips--

Breakout Sessions--Social Events

Remember those?? They comie back last fall.

One of the primary contributions of the ASTA to the network of science educators is the organization and facilitation of the biennial Math and Science conference. This has been going on for over twenty years and in recent years a stronger effort is being made to strengthen bonds between science and math and other subjects. Teachers often state that the focus in their District is on reading and math and that programs are implemented that require classrooms to be in lockstep, leaving little room to teach science in ways we know are effective.

We hoped at this conference in particular to focus on ways to help teachers build a case that providing opportunities in science and engineering actually promote student interest in building other skills. Reading about science is not a substitute for doing science. Instead reading and writing and math are integral to the essential practices.

Thanks for being part of 2022 AK STEAM Conference and ASTA.

More info and registration here.

Please checkout our calendar of Professional Development events for training opportunities around the state. Contact Us if you would like to have and event listed here. 

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