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Storylines and Phenomena for Alaska Science Instruction

Note: As Alaska teachers begin to adopt the new Alaska Science Standards, there will be a shift to 3 dimensional teaching that includes local phenomenon and storylines. This facet of the NGSS adoption create a strong emphasis on connecting the science to place based culturally relevant phenomena. One of the best resources that I have found for making sense of this style is Paul Anderson’s blog, The Wonder of Science ( ). On this site you will find examples of phenomena and a process that Paul suggests for creating your on storylines, Designing a Storyline - Building an NGSS Storyline with Learning Performances (

A phenomenon is an observable event. These events can spark our curiosity about how things work. A good phenomena should be relevant to students and help tie their own experiences to the science we are studying. This list is a brainstorm, an attempt to collect models of phenomena that are relevant to Alaskan students. Please contribute

Earth Science Phenomenon

Life Science Phenomenon 

Physical Science Phenomenon

Discrepant Events

Discrepant events are a great way to demonstrate a phenomenon with your students and create experiences and observations as a team. 

General Phenomenon Websites

Example of Storylines that I have found useful as models for 9-12 Grade Classrooms

Middle School - 

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