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Thanks for making the 2022 AK STEAM Conference such a success!


The Mind Behind the Design:

My name is Tawney Crowley and I have been an artist, or have at least had a passion for art, since I was very young. My dad created artwork as a hobby and we shared that special bond all through my childhood. When I was a teen, the Coast Guard brought us to Ketchikan, Alaska and I discovered this whole new environment through my artwork. There’s simply no shortage of inspiration here. I left the state for a few years while I completed my degree in education and that’s where my love of teaching came in. Outside of Alaska, there is a fascination with our state. It’s mystery, beauty and traditions are fuel for the imagination. I loved sharing my Alaskan home with anyone who wanted to learn more, especially with all of the misconceptions and stereotypes. I loved sharing the little details; The things that generally go unnoticed. I challenge myself to fill my artwork with small details that make you wonder and ask questions. I want my artwork to push others to explore and discover. My goal is to never take any of this for granted. 

Alaska is home to many different peoples, cultures, animals, plants, waters… the list seems as endless as the land is. I hope that this design fairly represents even a fraction of the wonderful things that we are blessed with the opportunity to explore.   

Tawney is an SEL and art teacher at Evergreen Elementary in Wrangell. Thanks so much!

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Awareness of Science Standards for Alaska
Introduction with Dept. of Ed and ED staff
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Introduction Recording

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