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Alaska Science Teachers Association invites you to join a statewide network of

dedicated, curious, enthusiastic teachers and informal educators from many agencies

who want to share challenges, resources, and experiences with others.

All grade levels and backgrounds are most welcome.

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LEADERSHIP from the Classroom

2022 AK STEAM Conference in Juneau

was a great success. Can you help organize

the next one? Contact through this link to learn more.

2024 STEAM


Did you participate in some great Professional Development over the summer? Make some new discoveries about nature, science, or engineering on your own or with your family? Write up a couple of paragraphs describing your enrichment and send to this link. We will share on this website. Please include your name, school or district, and your e-mail.

Sharing summer experiences


The Mind Behind the Design:

My name is Tawney Crowley and I have been an artist, or have at least had a passion for art, since I was very young. My dad created artwork as a hobby and we shared that special bond all through my childhood. When I was a teen, the Coast Guard brought us to Ketchikan, Alaska and I discovered this whole new environment through my artwork. There’s simply no shortage of inspiration here. I left the state for a few years while I completed my degree in education and that’s where my love of teaching came in. Outside of Alaska, there is a fascination with our state. It’s mystery, beauty and traditions are fuel for the imagination. I loved sharing my Alaskan home with anyone who wanted to learn more, especially with all of the misconceptions and stereotypes. I loved sharing the little details; The things that generally go unnoticed. I challenge myself to fill my artwork with small details that make you wonder and ask questions. I want my artwork to push others to explore and discover. My goal is to never take any of this for granted. 

Alaska is home to many different peoples, cultures, animals, plants, waters… the list seems as endless as the land is. I hope that this design fairly represents even a fraction of the wonderful things that we are blessed with the opportunity to explore.   

Tawney is an SEL and art teacher at Evergreen Elementary in Wrangell. Thanks so much!

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Learn New Science Standards for Alaska

through this WEBINAR SERIES

Available as free recordings
Awareness of Science Standards for Alaska
Introduction with Dept. of Ed and ED staff
By Teachers for Teachers

Note: Recordings have transcription attached

Introduction Recording

Grades K-2 Recording        Grades 6-8 Recording 

Grades 3-5 Recording             Grades 9-12 Recording

Link for Description


No one can miss the feeling that public education is in a bit of turmoil these days. The challenges in the wake of the pandemic closures, huge teacher turnover and dissatisfaction, shortages of teachers across the board and in particular fields, new rigid standards for certain fundamental subjects, book bans and unhappy parents, and lack of financial support to close the learning gaps and entice teachers to come to Alaska, or stay in Alaska, and do this important work.

I believe that now more than ever, relevance has to be at the forefront of what we do. Instead of wringing our hands about the storms and fires and ocean warming brought about by climate change, let's learn and teach about

the systems and feedback loops that are operating. We can integrate geography in the context of why Alaska has a front row seat for some of the impacts. There are some ingenious ideas coming forward that can help us thwart disaster and we can blend social sciences in learning about a path toward solutions.

This year K-3 teachers, in particular, are under extra pressure to meet Alaska's new reading goals. I am afraid that some in leadership believe that means there is no time to teach science. Yes. There is time to encourage the engineers of the future.

Time to let students exploreand discuss and invent together.

Time to discover what is living and growing in their neighborhood, their village, their beaches and rivers. Time to fan the flames of curiosity, the very fuel for all creativity and wonder and achievements of humanity. We can't stop now.


or nominate someone else, go to PAEMST or contact Joey Jigliotti for science or Sandy Schoff for math. There are mentors available to help guide you in the intricate process.

The 2024 nomination period will open this fall and will be just for K-6 teachers. The process of applying is itself professional development in its purest form, away from the oversight of administrators or actual instructors. It is a time for self-reflection and celebrating your intrinsic gifts as a teacher. Keep science and math education moving forward and in the news!

If you have applied before, please note that there have been some changes made. These include the allowance of up to one break in their video, opportunity to respond to state-level reviews through an addendum in early June, more detail provided in instructions related to responding to the Five Dimensions of Outstanding Teaching prompts.

Past Alaskan winners include Marily Asicksik of Shaktoolik (1996 K-6) Jennifer Childress of Diamond High School (2017 7-12), Jason Daniels of Kalifornsky Beach Elementary (2020 K-6), Rebecca Himschoot of Sitka (2012 K-6), and Joanna Hubbard of Nicholas Begich Middle School (2011 7-12). More awardees are listed on PAEMST web site.  Past Awardees



More about Jason right here

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