Call for Proposals

Dear Friend of STEAM Education,

You dedicate your life to enriching the learning of students every day. You have great ideas and have crafted them into highly engaging lessons. We would love to have you share your craft with colleagues from around the state at the 2021 Alaska STEAM Conference, to be held October 22 through 24, 2021! The Juneau School District will also have an inservice for all staff on October 21 - we would love to have you as a presenter that day as well.

Please read the following information about sessions, and then link to our Call For Proposals Application to volunteer to lead a session. Apply early to help us build a great schedule.

The goal of our breakout sessions will be considerably different than traditional “presenter” sessions.  Think of them as facilitated dialogues among teacher leaders on educational topics that were suggested by you.  With our exemplary teaching and learning community, these sessions should turn out to be as enriching for our facilitators as they are for our participants.  Each session is scheduled to last 45, 90, or 180 minutes (please indicate your preference) and should be guided by the design template found in the lower portion of this letter.  

The overarching goal of this conference is to acknowledge and empower Alaskan teachers to think and talk about the art of teaching. Another major focus is in implementing the new Alaska Science Standards. These sessions will focus in eight areas of our daily work:

  • Culturally relevant teaching

  • Blended learning

  • Science

  • Content integration

  • Place-based

  • Math

  • Literacy & Language

  • Equity

We hope that you will decide to apply to be a session presenter and share your educational interest with others during our Conference.  To be considered for this opportunity, please take a few minutes and complete our Call for Proposals Application. The strength of the conference is based on the willingness of participants to share their leadership.

We will communicate the status of your application no later than March 1. Be on the lookout for further emails with information about the Conference. For more information regarding keynote and featured conference speakers, click here.

Thank you again,

2021 AK STEAM Conference Planning Committee

Send questions to

Suggested Session Design - 45/90/180 mins.


  • Focus on highlighting and integrating science and math within teaching practices.

  • In regard to science - learn about the new science standards and how the session intersects with them.

  • Focus on threading equity, culture, information literacy, mathematical practice, new science standards, etc.  throughout sessions.

  • Collaborate with colleagues to facilitate learning new information.

  • With colleagues, ask and answer questions about the topic.


  • Present: Information about the topic via video, handout, lecture, technology, etc.  Provide background knowledge
    (Suggested 15/30/90 minutes)

  • Share out: Allow teachers to have open, judgment-free conversations concerning the topic. Collectively, educators possess a wealth of information.
    (Suggested 20/40/100 minutes)

  • Alternatively: Allow teachers a collaborative time to work with the content - either designing lessons, interacting with content, or engaging in question and answer regarding focus elements within the topic. (Suggested 20/40/100 minutes)

  • Wrap-up: Document learning the group feels it experienced during the session. Share with others individual commitments for next steps. (Suggested 10/20 minutes)

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